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Today I purchased my domain name so I'm finally in the process of migrating my blog to from Blogspot to WordPress. Can anyone share wisdom, tips, tricks, mods, secrets, etc., for how to get regular readers to the new location, etc.? Also, can anyone recommend an RSS feed service that has worked well for them? Atom.xml is no longer serviced by Google. Thanks so much in advance!

  • Sorry, I meant Feedburner is no longer serviced by Google. I'm currently using Atom.xml but need to start gathering e-mails for a newsletter I'm planning to do down the road.

    When you say "reach out to other bloggers," are you referring to backlinks? I'm a member of voiceBoks and we scratch each other's backs where that is concerned, for the most part. IOW, you're suggesting I visit several blog sites and leave comments?

  • Thanks for asking.

    I meant I'm moving over to WordPress from Blogspot and need tips for a smooth transition. I'm always open to SEO tips. All of my posts have tags or keywords in Blogspot. Yes, I did purchase a domain name and hosting.

  • I don't know about 3rd party widgets, but the widgets wordpress offers are pretty good and then there are generic widgets for posting image or text or html etc. Tags are what increase your profile among the many other bloggers and if you are lucky, get you "freshly pressed", though it is also said you should limit the number of tags to get visibility, but they tell you about that in their useful tutorials which are worth looking at.

    The best way to attract an audience is to follow others and make genuine comments, the Explore Topics function in the Reader is good to find others who are writing about similar topics and this has the list of what tags are the most popular.

    Good luck with the change.

  • I'm a little confused- do you mean you purchased a domain and hosting and want tips on seo?

    Wordpress software has plug ins, which are very easy to use.

  • I left Blogspot for Wordpress about two years ago and I haven't regretted the decision at all.  Now, I actually use Weebly for my .com site (and love it!) but I keep a sister blog at Wordpress.  All I can say is that tags are incredibly important and you have to make the first move and reach out to other bloggers on there in order to really generate initial traffic to your site.  You will find that a lot of 3rd party widgets won't work on WordPress which can be a pain in the butt but since you purchased your domain through them they might allow better customization.  I used FeedBurner for my RSS feed and it's been great for me.  I've had no problems.