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Hello all!

I have a story that I have been working on for the past six years and I am almost ready for publication but I have a problem - I have never written a short synopsis found on the back cover of a book before. Most of the agents I am hoping to submit a query to require you to have one prepared so I've tried my best in writing one but I feel that it needs some more editing.

My book is called Lucas and it is the first in a very long series.

Here is my summary:

The Four Nations once survived a war that nearly tore them apart. Many centuries later a young novice finds himself caught up in the midst of a coming war that might destroy the Nations and the remaining traces of hope once and for all.

Lucas is the student under a High Priest accused of treason. His teacher sacrifices himself to send Lucas to safety but nothing is what it seems. Lucas barely escapes the temple when he is caught in an ambush and watches helplessly as two friends are killed in his stead. Alone and unsure he heads to the Tower of Onin. Can Lucas still trust his mentor and the people sent by his teacher to send him away from the Four Nations? Or will he find another destiny while being hunted by an unknown enemy? 

Nothipher is a Eloran Prince running from his crown. After witnessing the death of his father at the hand of Eloran nobles he turned his back in his throne and his duty. But can he ignore the growing threat in the North pressing towards his land? What will he do when he finds himself drawn into the raging war and facing the possibility that his people’s old enemy has returned and they are targeting a novice on the run?



Onin (Ō-nin)

Nothipher (NŎTH-Ǐ-pher)

Eloran (Ē-loren)

I would appreciate detailed suggestions.