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Found a great self-publishing resource?  Post it here for everyone to use.  Please indicate the category of resource (e.g. marketing, editing, book cover artist, formatting, etc.) boldly so others can easily identify it based on their needs.


    Hi.  In January I published my little book through FeedaRead.  Awful name, great resource.  It's (British) Arts Council funded, which means you can publish your book at no charge!  They even have cover art you can select from.  I love Photoshop, Illustrator etc, so I designed my own, but I'm amazed at the choice they have.  You only need to have your book in a Word document, or a .pdf.  If you want wider publication than just available via FeedaRead or yourself, it's just £80 to put it out to the major distributors.  Promotion, of course, is entirely down to you.  It seemed to me a low-risk way for me to get started.


    It's a 'print on demand' set up, so to start with I just got one (for proofing).  Then I bought 20, to spread the delivery cost.  The quality of my book in printed form was fine.  Such a major positive energy boost to hold it in my hand!

    I'm revising the book now before using their service to make it available more widely.  I felt it was a good, cheap way to get feed back before doing that.

    Would love to hear how others are doing it!