Blogger versus WordPress?
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I am new to blogging, and am using Blogger.  What do you use, and why?  I am trying to figure out if I should switch to WordPress, or stay with Blogger.  Is there a difference?

  • I have used both but I prefer wordpress. Although I'm made that the badge for " She Writes" doesn't work at all! Wordpress seems to be easier to me. What do you prefer? 

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  • I use WordPress and have been very happy with it.  Been using it since August of last year and have no complaints.

  • Switched to WordPress two weeks ago. I'm still working out the kinks but really enjoy it.

  • This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for starting this thread.

    Next question, if I want to use video posts should I get the .org version with premium plan?

    Thanks for helping me sort this out. My goal is to begin a successful blog in 2014. The sooner the better!

  • Okay, I have yet another reason why Wordpress is better than Blogger.  Feedburner has been bought by Google, and what used to be easy is now another two-step because you have to sign in to google to be confirmed.  Not so with Wordpress, who just let's you leave your email address to follow.  ARGH.  I usually walk away rather than remember my password for the google address I never use because I don't need it and only signed up for it so no one else could use it in business......  Yes, this is a rant, I guess. I don't like simple things made annoying.

  • I tried both for several months and dropped blogger.  Wordpress seems more professional, doesn't set limits the way blogger did, and it is sooo much easier in terms of the dashboard.  I use the layout "Twenty Ten" for all three of my blogs and they look different but are easy for me to work with.  I will put my blogs up; I just joined the group.  I blog for our museum conservation/restoration business, as a foodie, and as an artist/writer.

  • Lorraine, that would make sense for the TOS and thank you for posting the clarification/correction!  I looked up's TOS after reading/replying to this thread.  Their TOS reads very similarly to Blogger's/Google.  Agreed, not as dire as they sound and my apologies for any misinformation.  A good example of why not to read something out of context - yikes! 

    On a related note to TOS as well as WP vs Blogger: I learned that Blogger's TOS are more lenient in regards to monetization than's TOS are.  From what I can tell, Blogger allows monetization using AdSense and affiliate programs, such as the Amazon Associates program.  (Grain of salt disclaimer: I haven't done as much research about Blogger & monetization since I was primarily concerned with my blog at only just started WordAds, which you have to apply for.  Also, while it seems that some people e-mail WP support to see if they can put affiliate links on their sites so those blogs don't get shut down (!), generally discourages advertising even with upgraded blogs.  I was a little disappointed with this since the only reason I wanted to use ads was to pay for part of the upgrade fee and I thought it would be nice to given a few cents (literally, cents) for referring someone to a book or movie I already was going to refer them to.  ...For me, that's another reason to self-host and use


    Leanne, thank you for starting this discussion!