Some questions about grammar and using quotes. Can someone please help?
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I am in the mist of doing final corrections for my novel. There is just a few questions about grammar that I need help to know if my grammar is correct.

Here are my sentences that I have questions with. I need to know if my quotation marks are used correctly or not.

1. do I need quotation marks around if and around sex and if so should they be like " or ' ???

“She said that if my sister was lucky, she wouldn’t be as horrified as I was about experimental sex. Then there is more dialogue…


2. Should Amber be italicized?

She picked up the envelope next to her feet. “What's this?” she asked, turning it over to see Amber written on it.

3. is the quotes ‘you filthy little whore’ used correctly?

Then just when he is ready to burst inside of her, he is supposed to scream ‘you filthy little whore’.”


4. should easy money have quotes around it?

Anyone who has the audacity to call himself “easy money” is so full of himself that he should be drowning in his own bull shit.

5. should no have quotes around it

Her mouth was forming the word “no” when I took the picture.

6. should "seven" have quotes around it

Each of them was decorated with a “seven” in white icing.


7. do I need quotes around he and family and if so should they be " or ' quotes??

As we danced, he said he wasn’t just marrying my mother, but he was marrying our family.

I hope someone can help with this and I hope it help clarify the use of quotes for others as well.

Colleen Green