Killer Nashville anyone?
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Hi all--I don't think I've said hello before though I've been in the group for a while. My first thriller is coming out in late Spring, early summer and I've been looking into the avenues for marketing and promotion. (Backstory--I found an agent that was excited about book, spent a year with her doing revisions/polishing, she sent to the big publishers, no bites, and it was clear no more would be done. So rather than starting the search for agents all over again, I decided to go it alone and do POD and e-books and see if I can make something happen. I created a publishing company) So we're in production right now, and I'm investigating what's involved in getting a table at Killer Nashville--though I've never even been to a book conference, let alone been an author promoting a book! Very intimidated by the whole idea, though I wonder if this is the kind of stuff it's going to take to get some readers!  Any experience or advice to share?  Thanks in advance!