Taking another look at the same view.
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I don't take life to seriously, honestly never have,  and I approach all relationships with a required sense of humor, which I feel strongly is a necessity for each of us to possess in order to simply survive our daily lives, much less,  regular interactions between men and woman.

Here, I offer a real female perspective as the main course, with a hint of male reasoning for flavor, smothered in a sweet sauce of amusing wit and topped with the occasional sprinkle of sarcasm.

As I see it, love can be a joke, and at times I've seen that men are the basic punchline, but the trials and tribulations of relationships are as real as they get and good, honest, advice is hard to come by.

Or you can try Dr Phil or Cosmo.  I hear they are full of all sorts of "useful" information.

Truly, RR

Hello Ladies,

Recently I started a blog on another site called VaVice for Dicks.

It all came about as a result of my fellow co workers (men) always seeking my advice (the token female in the office)on their relationships and what I will call "female issues".

I am looking for input, asstance with the site, female advice for my follwers and an over whelming sence of humor to coat this giant pill in.  lol

Here are the current posts to date:

1st Post

About VaVice 4 Dicks

“My penis is such a dick.”  This is one of my favorite lines.

This page is dedicated to all men in search of answers to THOSE questions that only another woman could answer.

It all started so simply with a single coworker with woman troubles seeking my advice.  He would come in to the office weekly sometime more and simply say “I need to borrow your vagina again today”.  This meant “woman trouble, need help”. A language we developed over the years to cut right to the point.  What started as an occasional session “counseling on my couch” became a regular water cooler event.

I have no formal training and don’t pretend to know everything, usually, but I am a woman and I do have a vagina and not a penis.  Enough said.

So, I am here to offer you the same advice for the same price on your “female friend” issues.  Whether you are married, single, have a FWB (friend w/benefits), girlfriend, secret crush, a mother, sister or daughter I have the advice for you.

Chat at you soon RR

Post #2

Come on in, lay on the council couch and I tell you what you everything you need to know.


Ever since the beginning of time women have led men astray or that's the story anyway.


Was  - Taking another look at the same view.

I do have 4 followers so far but since this is a new / very off-the-cuff idea I'd love some input and Ideas as where I should take it.

Thank you so much.


  • Thank you sssoo much... Good points all of them.

    I am hopeful to build up a Q&A section for readers to ask questions and provide their feed back.  I'm not at that point and I'm not sure how to get there other that trial and error.

    To address the "Getting it out of the way - Slang" post was really to attract men specifically to the site to drawing them in using terms they would and do relate to.  To show and edgy side of my blog.  Maybe to some degree, for the shock value even.  But, I think to move it to its own page is a great idea.

    Do you suggest changing "chat at you" to "feel free to chat with me", maybe?

    Honestly Thank You.



  • To clarify, you've asked for input, advise, and where you should take your blog?

    You'll have to be more direct and clearly communicate exactly what it is you want advise about. Specific question are more likely to be answered than a general query.

    I'd begin by addressing two things, content and readership.

    Content, how are you coming up with topics and or questions to discuss? Are you soliciting the general public (could be scary but enlightening). If so, what is that process? Ask on Twitter? Pop up form on your blog? Email? Are you using previous questions that have arisen in your sessions with your male coworkers, or just making up topics from whatever is inspiring you, relevant to an current popular issue?

    Have you researched other blogs that offer relationship advise for men? Compile a list of likes and dislikes for the ones you find. What is being done well, what is missing, what void are you filling?

    What unique perspective to you bring? Your humor and candidness, yes? Anything else?

    The post you have up that is just slang is unreadable and pointless—unless you have a point—in that case make it. If you are putting up the info for the benefit of your readers as a resource for terminology, then move it to its own page to serve as a reference, something you can add to as needed.  A list of words is not a blog post, you need context.

    I find the "chat at you" phrase off-putting. You are trying to build relationships, readers are looking for connections, to have a chat with you. You risk pushing them away talking at them instead of to them.


    Could be a very interesting, helpful and amusing site. Good luck with it.