The life in the making
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I came across these pictures this weekend and this is the story that came out.

The life in the making


Part I

He awoke early, just as he did every morning.  The room was still dark except for a hint of moonlight that was shining rather dimly through the large floor-to-ceiling, windows behind him.  He loved that they had decided not to put any curtains in the bedroom, the room was so open and the windows so large that it felt as if he were lying outside. 


He laid there motionless, so as not to wake her.  He could hear her soft breath and feel the rhythm of her breathing under his arm.  She seemed so peaceful, so content, spooned in his arms.  He imagined she was lying there with a big smile on her face, and that thought, forced a smile across his own face. 


It had been such a long time coming for them.  He was amazed that he woke up with her every morning.  Finally!   That word rang so loud in his mind that he questioned if he'd said it out loud.  He held his breath to listen for a moment to see if he=d woke her but she didn’t move.  He let out the breath he was holding, rolled slowly onto his back and placing his free hand behind his head he continued his original train of thought. 


They had really been through a lot to get here.  If you'd a asked him a couple years ago if they would finally be together one day he would have wanted to say yes but would have evitabley said probably not.  Remembering his lack of hope back then was sobering for a moment.  He glanced over to her to reassure himself she was still there. 


His allowed his eyes to dance about the room, her chest of drawers, his gun rack and fly poles, a big oversized chair with her book still perch on the arm.  The beautiful large print that hung above the bed.   He smiled to himself as he remembered how she had worked for hours to get the light just right for that picture before the flowers wilted.  The large wooden rafters above their heads, holding everything tightly in place with their mighty strength. 


She had her kitchen, as modern as could be, but it still held to a feeling that it was timeless.  The living room full of his family antiques.  Her large bathroom and walk-in shower.  He grinned as he remember how happy she was when it was done and how she insisted on christening that damn shower the minute he got the water on.  He hadn=t understood when he was building it, why they needed one so big, but now he was glad to have it.


Outside the large window the enormous mountains that surrounded them dwarfed their little home.  The house, he built, just for them.  Well in all fairness she had tried awful hard to help him and he thought it was kinda cute how hard she worked.  She really wasn=t in the way as much as he thought she would be and she enjoyed feeling like she was helping so much that he was just happy to have her there.  It was small but very cozy, just right for the two of them.  It was perfect, just like everything else was. 


Then there was that damn deck, he thought shaking his head, what a pain in the ass that was to put up.  That thing is so large that it wraps around the whole place.  When it was finally up she said it looked like large wooden arms, ready to greet them and hold them safely inside.  She could always find the best ways to describe the world as she saw it.  Now every time he looked at the house all he could see is those large wooded arms wrapped around it.


Now with his eyes coming to rest on the ceiling fan above him, his mind was being flooded with visions.  Flashes from the past, flying at him in rapid succession.  Good memories, sad ones, bad ones, funny ones all of them jumbled together.  Reaching for her to caress her arm he knew that they were just meant to be together.  She grabbed his arm and pulled him around her, pushing her back and butt softly into him as if to be as close as she could get and she expelled a happy sort of moan as he closed himself around her.


Now laying on his side again with his arms wrapped around her he let those memory evaporate into the brisk morning air.  He moved his head closer to her, nuzzling her hair and breathing in deep.  He loved the fresh smell of her hair, hell he loved everything about her.  Laying there wrapped around her his mind now wondered to his favored memories of them, like their first road trip. They had such a good time.   It was short and fast but those memories will stick with him forever.  That was the first time he felt that strange tug at him, when he couldn=t shake the thought that there was a strong possibility that they should be together.  They were both so relaxed and it felt so natural.


Grinning outwardly from that vivid memory he brushed her hair from her neck.  Then there was the first time we made love, he remembered back to that warm Spring day.  AI wonder what the park rangers would call it if we'd have gotten caught in the park like that. He kissed the back of her neck softly, breathing in deeply against her skin and then expelling his hot breath over her neck and down her back, it still felt like it was yesterday he thought, no way it was so many years ago, it didn't feel like that could be.


She let out a sensual moan as a response to his kiss and his hot breath on her neck and back.  The current grin of his face widened, knowing he was beginning to arouse her.  He knew she loved it when he kissed at her neck and he decided to continue to encourage her to wake by kissing slowly and softly the rest of her neck and down between her shoulder blades of her back and up again.  By the time his lips once again reached her neck she was awake and she rolled over to face him.


All those thoughts were again lost in the back of his mind and he was just happy to be lying here with their bodies intertwined.  "Morning," she whispered at him.  "Good morning baby" was all he could utter back before she slide up even closer against him, breathed him in deeply, kissed his neck and then kissed him passionately on the lips.  Oh how he looked forward to the mornings now that they always woke up together.

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