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  • Thank you Leah,  I forwarded him you message.  I know he will be as thrilled to have your feed back as I always am.  I truly, honestly appreciate you. RR 

  • Beautiful.  I truly felt the same way as she did; should I?  Shouldn't I?  Then the anticipation of seeing him again...but what if...as she was thinking of what risky business it was, I found myself hoping that she wouldn't find him married or seeing someone else...the details of the emotions that she had; the desire, hope, fear...I felt my heart pounding as I pondered what would happen if she didn't go, but then also if she did...I wanted her, needed her to go...I also loved the added humoristic elements, such as the stranger finding the panties, the "well, if she was truthful, it was the combined smell of both of them..."  and much more...the easy, flawlessness of the sentences and their structure and description was phenomenal.  Spectacular job!

  • Picture Phictio - Photo 1, Better late then never.

    One Way Ticket


    Claire glanced at the large brown envelope sitting on the edge of her dressing table for perhaps the hundredth time in the last hour as she carefully rolled the silk stocking over her knee and up her thigh.   She looked at the clock on the bedside, and noted that it read 5:00 p.m.  She was down to the final hour to decide, and she knew she had to allow a half hour to the station.    

    She smoothed the sheer black fabric over her leg and wondered again if she could go through with it.  She reconsidered the question and knew without a doubt that she could go through with it, but the real question was whether she should.

    Claire looked at the envelope again and reminded herself that she had not seen him in almost five years.   That was a very long time with no word from him, and she knew this was risky business and doing what he asked would run contrary to her nature.  On the other hand, she couldn’t help a small smile as she recalled the vivid details of the last train ride she had taken with Joe.   She felt a small shiver run along her spine as she vividly recalled how they had made love in almost every conceivable place in that train over those amazing three days.  It was a long ride from St. Louis to San Diego, California.   

    That was the last time she had seen him, the train was taking him to the Naval Base at San Diego for final training before he shipped out.   They had gotten separated on that last morning as they arrived in San Diego, and in the confusion they had not had the chance to say proper goodbyes. 

    Joe had been very angry when he first found out she was on the train.  She had surprised him and if truth be told, herself as well when she had suddenly quit her job at the corner drug store, stuffed clothes in a beat up old suitcase and hurriedly bought a one way ticket to San Diego.  She had not been on the train for more than two minutes when they slammed the doors and the connections between the cars clunked as they pulled out of the station.  There had hardly been enough time to stick a note to her mom on the refrigerator before making the mad dash to the train station on that cold morning so long ago. 

    He had a sleeping berth, but she had only been able to afford a seat.  He shared the berth with another soldier, and they were occasionally able to make good use of the tiny room while his roommate was out and about.   Unfortunately, that was all too infrequent, so they were forced to make creative use of the other spaces in the narrow cars as they rocked their way through the wide open spaces of the Midwest.  Claire grinned at the memory of how quickly he had warmed to the idea of her being on the train.

    She glanced at the clock, and looked at the black heels sitting at the end of her bed as she rolled the second stocking along her thigh, recalling that last evening on the train and how close they had come to getting caught.  It was not at all her nature to be so bold, but she had been the one to suggest that they make love in the rear lounge car.  It was very late and she was counting on the fact that everyone on the ride was exhausted and would most likely be asleep. 

    That was the last time she had kissed him.  She could recall the smell of him… well if she was truthful,  it was the combined smell of both of them as if it had been five minutes instead of five years ago.  That smell had visited her at the oddest times over the years. 

    She reached into the envelope and took out the note, a ticket and a small piece of thin black cloth.  She opened the note and read its simple message, “Please meet me at the train station on Friday evening.  The train leaves at 6:00.”  She touched the one way train ticket to her chest and looked at the clock again.  There was just enough time, but she was still not sure.  

    She had resisted the urge ever since the package had arrived, but she now had to know.  She slowly raised the cloth that she had not seen since that night in the lounge car close to her nose and inhaled deeply.   The scent of that night washed over her like a warm waterfall and all doubt was erased. 

    Glancing at the clock, she jumped up and put on the black dress she had carefully picked out, and slid her feet into the heels.  She hesitated a moment, and held the thin black panties up to the light.  She  had long ago gotten over the embarrassment of the idea that some stranger had found those panties after their scramble to arrange their clothes after their last frantic lovemaking session.    

    She kicked off the heels and stepped into the panties and pulled them up under the dress.  She grabbed the bag, stuck the note to the refrigerator, and dashed out the door with a big smile on her face.


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    She boarded the private plane, not at all sure where her carefree, spontaneous boss’s current whim would whisk them to next. No action was, if even briefly, ever thought out in advance. If he wanted to go or do something he just did it. He was always taking her here and dragging her there. He showed no concern for her obligations or her time and his insistence she always be at his beck and call was wearing thin on her, particularly today.

    It was cold and dreary out, not at all a day she would prefer to be out jet setting about on one of his wild goose chases as she had recently started calling these little excursion. To top her day off she was already farther behind on her work for the week than she wanted to admit. Then there was the little nagging anxiety which had been looming over her this whole month. Crazy that the thought of turning Thirty seemed to weigh on her more than she was prepared to admit.

    “Not a good day for this”, she thought to herself.

    He was already on board , waiting for her arrival and he greeted her with a smile as she peeked her head into the plane.

    “Good Morning”, she said low on pep.
    “Good morning”, he said in return, more enthusiastic then hers was.

    She looked up at his cheerful demeanor, noting he seemed different this morning, almost cheerful. She took the seat directly across from him. The large couch was very comfortable and the leather was always warm and soft to the touch. The couch itself seemed out of place to her as if it would be better suited in a lush open home to lye upon rather than for working on as they generally did in this confined space.

    “So where are we off to this lovely day”? She said not evening trying to hide her duress.

    “Where ever your hearts desire my dear”. He said kicking her heel gently with his foot.

    “It is your birthday.”