Breathing life into your dream!
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I'm excited to announce the publication of my first novel, Duck Pond Epiphany.(Pub. date: March, 2013) It's great to be working with the exceptional people of She Writes Press!

I had to check in with you Baby Boomers in particular, as I believe that you will relate to my protagonist on so many different levels. What has this 53 year old woman taught me? It's never too late to follow your heart!

Haven't you discovered that age offers us invaluable life lessons? As an author, this is crucial. (It can be so easy, and frustrating,  to stand in our own way.) So, I think I speak for many when I ask: what are your tips and strategies for nurturing your dream? Please share them with all of us so that we can continue to expand our bag of writing tricks and breathe life into our dreams!