Declare Your Daily Word Count
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This is the place to declare your daily word count. Some days we crack 1000 written words and some days a big fat goose egg.  Whether you want to brag or lament your creative writing skills this is the place to OWN IT! 


I'll go first:  Today I managed two paragraphs totaling 190 words

  • Wow, I've really been MIA.  It's been ten days since I posted on here.  This is the longest gap in declaration I've ever had.  Needless to say, it's been the holiday season and I am just about as pregnant as it gets!  I haven't written a thing since the 17th and I'm okay with that.  It isn't the time.  This baby is "due" next week on January 3rd and surviving the last week of my pregnancy and upcoming labor is my sole purpose right now. 


    Love you gals!  Cheers to an amazing 2013!

  • Sunday 0

    I think that's a good thing to think about CLK! I have been working with spreadsheets at work and I'm going to try to create a spreadsheet to track words.  For some reason I respond better to colors than actual text!  Red is scarier than 0 to me!

  • Monday 12-17-12 = 186 words.  I've gone back to the "one or two paragraphs per day" method.  I can't stand to see 0's any more.

  • CLK...STOP, don't force it...take a break and revisit later...or not!!!

    I just lost ALL my subplot tracker info...have no idea what I did...going for a walk in the rain and then to the store...will try again tonight!!!

    At least I did it and it made me think!!!

  • Friday 12-14-12 = 0 words

    Saturday 12-15-12 = 220 words.  I may do more later but for now am simply exhausted.

  • Thursday 12-13-12 = 0 Words.

    As of today I have completed all of the "homework" for Sunday's meeting.  I also have read over some things and plan to get a few 100 new words completed this afternoon.  I have ambitious plans to have ch 11 complete before Xmas!  I think I can pull it off.