Here is what I am willing to Critique and what I write!
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Hello all!


My name is LeTeisha Newton (you can view me on or and I am the published author of 8 novels now. I write Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Erotica, and Interracial material (also some LGBT material)


Now that I have gotten some of my credentials out of the way lol here is what I am willing to critique on and will give you my best work:


1) Steampunk

2) Fantasy (Urban, High/Low, Sword, and Sandals and Sand work)

3) Romance (Contemporary, Interracial, Paranormal, or other genre elements)

4) Erotica


6) Literary Fiction (the darker the better)

7) Horror


That covers all that I am willing to read. You'll have to message me if you are unsure or if you want me see if you write something you think I am willing to look at. I hope this helps as I read over a lot of genres. I am just not not good at Non-Fiction (Unless you are writing something like "A Child Called It")


Place you comments below as you are ready for me to read. Just know that you will also be agreeing to read something of mine (at least 10 pages of something) and I have Yahoo and Gmail to make things easier.


Happy critiquing (it just looked like a word that should be used HA!) and I am looking forward to getting some reading done :)

  • Hey LeTeisha! I would love to read for you. I read and write romance, both modern and supernatural. I would also love your input on some of my work.

  • Hi, my name is Leanne Sparks.  I write mainly legal thrillers/mystery, but I am willing to read other genres:

    1) suspense/thriller/mystery

    2) Romance 

    3) Erotica

    4) Horror

    5) YA

    Send me a message if you would like me to read anything.  I am always happy to help.


  • Hi LeTeisha,

    I would love to touch base with you about critiquing my literary short, short story and would be happy to return the favor.  Please message me, if you have time

  • Hi, LeTeisha, I'd be interested in exchanging critiques with you. I've written a YA paranormal novel and would love to have you read either the first chapter or the first three chapters of my novel, depending on your availability. And I, of course, am willing to read your work.

    Let me know if you're interested.



    p.s. I love the premise of Theirs To Claim.

  • Hi LeTeisha, I'd like a critique of the first chapter or so of my sword/dark fantasy novel and am willing to do the same for you in return.  Let me know if you are interested and we can exchange email addresses (I have a Gmail account). -Stacy