Need Objective Eyes - Willing to Do Same
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Hello - I am writing/rewriting my WIP. It is a historical fantasy fiction novel involving time travel and I am in dire need of an objective pair of eyes (or two or five) to read at least the first 10 pages for spotting inconsistencies and strengthening of plot-lines/characters. If you are familiar with 18th century England and/or museum operations, that would be a huge plus, but definitely not required for "getting" the WIP. 

I would be happy to offer my objective eyes (such as they are with contacts) as well for any piece you are working on. Please let me know if you are interested. I have a Gmail account if that would be easier for communications.

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Sharon Ferguson

  • I love Dunn. In the last decade or so, she's been writing a series of Daisy Dalrymple mysteries, all set in the 1920s in England, with some humor. A delightful series. Before that, she wrote romances. I tried some of them but found them not as good.

    I sent you friend request.

  • That would  be fantastic Olga, thank you! If we're not friends already, lets get that set up and then I can PM you my email account.

    I will definitely check out Carola Dunn - sounds interesting and right up my alley! The museum bit I am using is actually in present day 2012,  but one of the characters is from the 18th century. 

  • Hi, Sharon.

    I'd like to be a part of your critique group as well, if you wish. I've been looking for a critique group for a while, and reading your pages could be as good a start as any.  I write fantasy too - the standard sword and sorcery and some urban as well but nothing dark. I don't know much about museums in the 18th century, but I'm reading a novel right now: Carola Dunn's Rattle his Bones, about a murder in a London museum in the 1920s. It would be interesting to compare.

    Have you read Carola Dunn? She is one of my favorite writers.

  • Hey I will be willing to read it. I am not up to snuff on 18th century England or Museum operations, however I am a fantasy author and do very well with character/and plot line. Just let me know when you are ready and we can exchange gmail info (gmail is great isn't it!!)