New Beginnings
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What would be your definition of the term "New Beginnings?"

  • I LOVE new beginnings, well mostly, except in writing. My biggest failure is new beginnings! I have so many ideas in my head that I cannot seem to zero in on a passionate "one" and begin again, only after 2 years have started many books, finished none. More to your question... I would offer that a "New Beginning" is going in a direction not taken before. We can all "begin again" but is doing something we have done before a new beginning? A new day waking up with the same cuppa Joe is a new day, same cup. Different cup, tea maybe? Joining "She Writes" is a new beginning for me, meeting you is a new beginning, finishing a book "will" be a new beginning!! A pleasure to meet you Ms. Clarke!
  • Going forward with your past in mind, never looking back to stare but only to pick out the gold wisdom nuggets for a more successful future. My .02.