First book, the story is on paper but needs to be filled out
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I am writing my first book and literary fiction is the best genre for it. I am suffering a block that I feel in my spirit is going to be lifted this fall. It is all there but the characters need to be developed and some descriptive elements need attention.

For awhile, I thought it might be just for me, that I would grow as I wrote it but I am starting to believe that, in addition to it speaking to me, it is for others as well.


I don't know the proper way to go about getting it published. I need help with honest but kind opinions.

Should I post the manuscript?


  • How long is your first chapter?  You could post that, and see what sorts of comments you get.  If it's not more than 5,000 words, you can send to me directly, if you like.  I'd be happy to read it and share my impressions.  I'm at [email protected]



  • You might need to find a critique group if you don't have one, or you might need a manuscript consultant. Writer Advice offers a manuscript consultation service. Click on the link in the list that runs across the top of our web page,

    I hope this helps.

    B. Lynn Goodwin