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Without going into academic definitions of Native-American beliefs and totemism, let me get a bit New-Age spiritual on the group and ask if anyone else uses and/or believe in omens and symbols. After witness the spectacular celestial events in the sky this past year, (Lunar and solar eclipses, the transit of Venus) I felt inspired… NO, compelled to continue work on the 1st draft of my novel, 3 years in the making so far. Maybe, because I am Meso-American indigenous and female, I feel a deep connection to nature. If I were to choose a totem animal for myself, it would be the wolf. Wolves are faithful, fierce, cooperative, intelligent and mate for life.

I was recently studying the myth of Demeter for an illustrated fantasy story I wrote. My favorite fictional theme is love; not the "hearts & flowers" kind of love but the fierce love of mothers and other relationships that cannot be broken by suffering, separation or sabotage. "You can't stop love" is the tagline of my stories. This is how I feel the spirit of a wolf.

Your symbolic inspirations?

  • Hello Laura,

    Thanks for posting about this topic! And I'm sorry I'm the first to reply, so late... :)

    In answer to your question, my totem is the snake. Snakes, outside of Judeo-Christianity, represent wisdom (specifically, feminine wisdom - that's why the ancient priestesses are so commonly portrayed with snakes), healing (see: the caduceus), and the earth (because they are so close to the earth). These are the exact reasons why the Hebrews warned against listening to them!

    Snakes are direct; they don't f**k around.

    How did I choose them? They chose me. I was bitten by a copperhead several years ago, and now, snakes appear around me frequently. When I see one, I know the Universe/Goddess is speaking to me, and I need to stop, be silent, and pay attention.

    Blessed be,