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Let's help ourselves.

  • Post your questions here, i.e., succinct, to the point, brevity is next to godliness.
  • Someone posts they have volunteered to answer that question.
  • The answer must be something a first grade child can understand.
  • Answer is posted within 48 hours.
  • Discussions must be courteous peppered with gratitude, patience, compassion and humility NOT humiliation.

Let the discussion begin!

  • I think you may have been hacked in some way.  I have accounts in all of the above and have never been asked for my cell or ss#.  Can you shut down your accounts and create new?  Or write to each site under the "contact us" and explain your problem?  

  • The minute it asked for my SSN I knew something was wrong. The problem is all 4 accounts have me permanently locked out until i comply by giving the SSN, which I will never do.

  • Yes, I have a google account. It's directly linked to my Gmail account. Google has never asked me for my SSN. Something is wrong there. 

  • DO you have to have a google account to use this? I ask because several months back I got locked out of my google+ google, youtube, and blogger accounts, because they wanted my cellphone and SSN.

  • Laura's reply is right on from what I've discovered this morning.  I found that explanation at a web site that looks great for those of us beginning to attempt to understand Google Analytics.  Here's the link:  http://sz0174.ev.mail.comcast.net/zimbra/mail?app=mail#1.  Also, the owner of the site is currently offering a free e-book on Google Analytics for Beginners.  I think both the site and the book may help us all get a better understanding.

    Once you get to the site scroll down a bit for their explanation of page views vs. visits.  Happy learning!

  • If you think about how users are going through the site, one person going anywhere in the site is one visitor. But that one visitor might go to several pages, meaning that the page views is a different number.

    Basically, if you have a page view number much higher than your visit number, it means that people are coming on and looking at a lot of pages - a good thing!