Do I need to start a blog or a website?
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I have completed my first novel, done two rounds of edits with a freelancer and embarked on the agent querying process.  I've received twelve rejections in the past month, which I've read, is nothing.  (I'll admit that it does sting a bit.)  One problem is that I have no publishing credits and very few connections.  Now I'm wondering if I should I start a blog about writing or my life... or perhaps both.  It seems rather self-indulgent because I'm unpublished and have zero followers.  Do any of you first timers have blogs or web pages? 

  • How do you make book trailers? What resources are out there? All of these posts are informative but overwhelming. I haven't published yet. I just started focusing on my novel again. Also if you write blogs on SheWrites, should I announce them in groups that I have joined? What are common ways to gain followers once you start blogging on different venues? Anyone can answer this post. I am just placing my feet in the publishing/social platform waters and the tides of information are intimidating.
  • Now I am a relative newbie myself but I think some of the other posts touched on the followers issues.

    I have a blog here and on booktown.  What I am trying to do to create more followers is to reply to a bunch of stuff and ALWAYS put my web address in my signature.

    I am doing nanowrimo now so anytime I respond to a forum topic, I try to make sure my web address is in my signature.

    Also make it where you blog post shows up on your facebook.

  • Thanks to all of you who responded to this thread!  After posting my question in May, and reading all your responses, I can say that I have finally launched a website...  This group has been most helpful and I'm glad to be a member.

    Short of forcing family members to subscribe, how did you find followers?  

  • I am good -- congratulations on being so busy!!

    I'm waiting to hear back from the agent I gave my revisions to.  No news is good news??!

  • Hi Alison - Congrats on getting to the querying stage!  I am sure rejections sting, but to the persistent go the spoil (or whatever). 

    To your question: I am somewhere in the middle of my first novel, and I already have a blog and a twitter feed related to it.  This was my thinking:  My blog initially reviewed books in my genre --historical fiction--and related non-fiction.  I found that writing about why I liked a novel helped me grow as a writer and understand what pitfalls even well-known brand-name novelists fall into.  To this end, it has been successful and has a nice following, and I've gotten to know a few authors whose work I admire.  

    In addition, when I went to Scotland last spring for some field research, I posted my journey on the blog, which was picked up by several sites.  That encouragement and enthusiasm kept me going through some mid-novel angst.  

    Maybe I am self-indulgent!  But I do enjoy the interaction with other writers, bloggers, history-lovers and at some point--sooner than later--I will post a snipped of the book, just to see what followers think.  

    Hope this was helpful 

    Geri (!  

  • Hi Karoline, Thanks for taking a look I did change the us to me, sounds warm and fuzzy. More personal. How is all else going for you? I made it to Barnes and Noble, Kobo and Amazon and Scribid. I was so busy a publisher friend told me that my books were up there. Thanks for taking a look.
  • Hello, I am unpublished and have started a writing blog, and I put share it on facebook and twitter. It's been fun and am getting a few followers

    Give it a go, you have nothing to lose. I googled how to build an online presence and studied a few good writing blogs

  • Hi Ariel. I like your website - the only thing I would change is the "Contact Us" - since the website is featuring just you, maybe use "Contact Ariel" or "Contact Me".  Just a thought   :)   Was going to follow you on Twitter but didn't see a way to do that.