Do I need to start a blog or a website?
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I have completed my first novel, done two rounds of edits with a freelancer and embarked on the agent querying process.  I've received twelve rejections in the past month, which I've read, is nothing.  (I'll admit that it does sting a bit.)  One problem is that I have no publishing credits and very few connections.  Now I'm wondering if I should I start a blog about writing or my life... or perhaps both.  It seems rather self-indulgent because I'm unpublished and have zero followers.  Do any of you first timers have blogs or web pages? 

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      I know about that stinging feeling, I have submitted to some publishers, who will ask for your web address. I got one recently.Tell me if you like it and it is temporarily free.

                                                                                                                Ariel R

  • I started blogging before I published my first book.  It seems to be a good idea.  I also built a website shortly after I published my book (self-published, but doing okay).  If you choose to build a website, I suggest looking into one of the free sites, like Weebly, where you can build a nice site for free.  As for blogging, I've no idea where to suggest you start.  Lots of people have blogs on Wordpress and the Blogger site that seem to be getting a good amount of traffic.  I'm trying to commit more time to my blogs, too.  My hope is to soon build a following that will share some interests and possibly support my writing projects.

    Good luck to you.  Happy writing!

  • I have a website, a FB author page and a Twitter account.  I use it to get my name out there as I am trying to find a home for my first novel.  Take a look if you like:   From there you can look at my author's page and follow me on Twitter.  My author page does not have a lot of "likes" as my book is not published yet, but I do post on there. I have 400 plus Twitter followers already. Have you had short stories published?  There are also free websites out there, like Weebly.  Hope that helps and good luck with the agents!  My novel has been rejected by 121 agents -- although it has been accepted by She Writes Press!  And the last agent I queried asked for my full ms. today! So I am off to do that!

  • I have a blog on wordpress. My blog is not strictly about writing, though I just recently posted the introduction to the book I'm working on for feedback. I write about other interests in my life, but I'm hoping that as I get more followers I may have more interest generated when I get ready to publish my book. I also look at the blog as a way to refine my writing skills. The writing I do here is different than what I do in my book, but I still feel that it helps. I don't have a lot of followers at this time, since I really just started, but it is slowly growing.

    Another writer has also advised that I should get a dedicated website for when it comes time to promote my book. She told me it would show possible publishers that I have a plan in mind as to how I will promote. I hope this helps.

  • Well, I'm live (and alive, both conditions ideal). 

    I have to say the folks at GoDaddy are wonderful. I received a phone call not long after I registered, to make certain I knew what I was doing (I hadn't a clue) and if I had any questions. 

    The plan is to let this sit until I am ready to launch - however many months in the future that may be, I don't know. At that point I can register with GoDaddy to host my site and then hire a professional to design the blog (that's the "ideal world" plan). 

    For now, it's empty space. But it's my empty space The Refuge of Doves

    Thank you Edith and Melanie for the wonderful words of encouragement. If only the writing process were this easy!

  • whoo-hoo!

    Moving forward is the only way to build momentum. I've followed your blog--looking forward to reading more of your lovely prose. :)


  • This is very, very exciting news Julie. I shall follow your progress with avid interest! And your novel/web site name is gorgeous. Just those words alone are enough to pique my curiosity and whet my interest and desire to read more! Good luck! xxx

  • I'm all trembly- just hit the "confirm" button of a url purchase on  Thank you, thank you Melanie for the great suggestion- I've been wondering if, and if, where and how to purchase a url for my WIP. This discussion gave me the information and motivation I needed. 

    The URL I registered is the title of my novel, which I started a mere three weeks ago. The website will have no content for many months to come, as I write my MS and learn about marketing/promotion. But I wanted to get it in and secured. 

    I'm coming about this a bit backwards, or from my own direction, I guess. I started blogging in summer 2010- a place to post book reviews and navel-gazing musings. I wanted a public place to play that wasn't a journal. I wanted to write as if I had an audience, which of course was no one but my husband when I began the blog. Blog writing sparked my latent desire to write fiction, which I started via a non-residency course a few months later. The course finished in June and I started work on the novel a couple of weeks later.  

    Now the blog, in addition to book reviews, is becoming a place to write about my writing life. Although I've published short stories and a couple of articles, I don't feel that I have enough experience to offer helpful hints and suggestions; rather, I share the experiences of a fledgling writer. Through my blog and Twitter I am meeting so many writers, engaging in conversations that have such meaning for me, inspire and inform my writing. 

    But the url I've just registered is where I intend to direct attention specific to my WIP (of course, anyone is encouraged to visit the blog, as well!). But it will be the marketing/promotion vehicle. My goal is to have a website created by a professional, whereas the blog will remain homespun Julie. 

    My blog is I've been very happy with wordpress. I'm not a tech fan and it's been quite easy to work with. 

    My novel website is (still pending, so nothing yet to see). Stay tuned. I hope. 

    My wishes to all for peace and inspiration in your writing. Thank you for being here so that I may learn and move forward!


  • Hi Alison,

    Platform building, for me, is a chore, but it does help.  I started a blog more than a year ago just to have a place to share some of the things I wrote, and the blog itself turned into my first book.  I put the stories together in a collection and self-published this past May.  Now, the book is available in paperback on Amazon and B&N as well as being available as an e-book for Kindle.  Once I knew I was going to publish, I set up a Facebok writer's page.  When the book came out, I set up an Amazn author's page.  I joined She Writes and GoodReads.  I made a trailer for my book and put it up on my FB page, on my blog, on YouTube, and anywhere else I could put it.  I've been learning as I go.  You are going for traditional publishing, so I think a bit of a platform would help until you get a few publishing credits for your resume.  And you can work on that, too, if you are interested in witing shorter pieces for literary journals.  You're off to a fantastic start, and can add other helpful tools as you go along.  My blog (which I've neglected since the book came out) is at http://[email protected].