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This is the place to post links to you webseries, book trailers, movies, and TV episodes.  Include blog links, Twitter handles, and other ways to follow you.  Shameless self-promotion welcomed and applauded here!

  • Clene', you are so sweet to be checking out Faux Baby!  If Hulu is an easier viewing for you, we're there as well -- I was just trying to give some love to our latest outlet.  Here's the hulu link: 

    Faux Baby does speak to parenthood - we're all moms, the three creators, and we pulled much of it from our lives.  I won't tell you which bits... :)

  • My web series, Faux Baby, is now on, a new web channel, and I am happy to support them.  Here's the first episode

    Faux Baby is about a couple so terrified of becoming parents that they decide to practice first.  On a doll.  Hilarity (and the occasional disaster) ensues. 

    Although it's about parenthood, it's not for little ones.  Grown-ups only.  You have been warned!