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Are you writing a web serial, or reading a great story online that you want to share with others?    Please feel free to post them here!

  • I have three online:

    The Undeniable Labyrinth (Post-Apocalyptic Space-Opera:

    apocalypse, has been searching for answers amongst the lost worlds of the Consortia. She has planned a desperate transit to Elysium, a world which can provide her everything she needs.But the probability of getting there on the first try is very low. And she has no way of telling how dangerous her destination might be. 

    The Stones of Arcory (Fantasy):

    Veteran wizard Breslen Amberglass, ostensibly on a mission to gather chronicles from The Fourth Council's entowered wizards,  follows the trail of a doomed borderland margrave in search of his corrupted and dying land's missing Arcory Stones.  The search leads him through the Alliance of the Thirteen Lesser and Greater Kingdoms to some uncomfortable truths about how the magic is being conducted in the kingdoms and some appalling answers to his personal quest.

    The Thirteenth (Urban-fantasy - Ongoing):

    t has been almost thirteen years since a terrible inferno took the lives of Johnny Smith(formerly Hutchison)’s friends and fellows trying to enact a dangerous spell to raise the devil to grant them special powers.  Things didn’t turn out so well, as John was the only survivor.  Since then he has made a special effort to keep himself out of the limelight, ultimately ending up as a the building manager for the apartment building at 23 Pangbourne Place.   But nothing has been forgotten, and John is about find out that forced from Hell still have him in mind for their machinations.  The question’s are, can he wriggle out from their grasp?  Can he keep occupancy at 23 Pangbourne Place at 100%? can he keep his vampire lawyer’s lover’s hands off of him?  Are the gargoyles who serve as building security out to get him?  And can he face up to what he did in the past, thwart his dark destiny and help his Catholic girlfriend prevent her grandfather from turning into a zombie?  Yes, he is going to be a very busy guy this November…

  • Here is mine:The Underverse

    This is an on-going YA Fantasy/Horror web serial.

    Anaya’s world is hurling towards an apocalyptic ending as she and her family race to find a safe haven before it is too late. This story will have elements of an Arthurian tale as well as zombies (with a twist!) set against one world that will be devastated by an extraterrestrial object and another world that faces  its own possible apocalyptic ending. Anaya and an unlikely group of survivors may be this world’s only hope for survival.