Writing As A Spiritual Exercise
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Hello All!

This is my first foray in the discussion forums of SHEWRITES. I have been a back-seat reader of the site for a couple of years but finally getting into the discussion.

I just wrote my first blog post on "Writing As A Spiritual Exercise" and I was wondering what other people's thoughts were on the subject.

When I write (and when I read) it feels like a communion of consciousness, a prayerful collaboration of myself and the words. What are your experiences with writing as a spiritual experience? Or even reading for that matter?

Glad to be part of the discussion!

TB Pasquale


  • Hi Teresa -- Many spiritual healing modalities encourage people to write freely as thoughts come to them. It is believed that a person can get messages from the Other Side this way. I have also witnessed "automatic writing," when the writer poses a question and the answer is channeled to her. Irene
  • Thanks so much for your comment Betty. Good to hear from you. I love that connection as consciousness, awareness, and faith in writing.

  • I could not have said it better myself, I realize that when I do not make time to journal and connect with myself, I feel detached from the world around me and from myself. ¬†Writing tunes me in to that place inside where I am part of all of consciousness. Thanks for your insight, it was perfect timing!