What about translations?
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Hi everyone and thanks for creating this wonderful group!

I am a Galician writer with over 12 individual works of fiction published in my language (at www.mariareimondez.eu you can find out more about me) and some translations into Italian and Spanish. I am currently trying to find an English-language publisher for my latest novel,Pirata, about the life of pirate Mary Read, and I would like to ask you for some guidance. As a translator myself, I am aware that the English-speaking market (both in the US, Canada, Britain and Australia) is one of the most difficult markets for translations, but what are your insights? Are you aware of any publishing houses / agents or other literary world agents particularly interested in translations? What about self-publishing for translations? At a more general level, are you personally interested in reading works coming from other cultures and languages?

Thank you all for your insights and, by the way, I only have one friend so far so if you want to befriend me, I'll be more than glad!

Maria Reimondez

  • Maria,

    One more idea:  I would approach Georges Borchardt (spelling?) Literary Agency.  They do a lot with works in translation.

    Again, good luck!

    Ruth Schemmel

  • Hi Ruth,

    Thank you so much for your message, I will take a look at their requirements and of course I will keep you all posted if something develops! :-)

    María Reimóndez

  • Hi Maria--

    I know that Grove Press made a name for itself partly by doing highly literary works in translation, many years ago.  I don't know what their list is like now, but it may be worth looking into, among others.  I also know that the small independent press, Arcade Publishing, has done many works in translation, but I'm not even sure they're still in existence since their editor in chief, Dick Seaver, passed away a couple of years ago.  I'd look into that, too....  Good luck!  

    Ruth Schemmel

  • Hi Geraldine,

    Thank you very much for your very interesting comment and for sharing your experience! I have been published by a traditional publishers in Galician but us writers of "minority" (I prefer to call our languages non-hegemonic) languages have to overcome some additional hurdles. My publishing house does not have translators on board, neither do they manage the rights for other languages, as they find themselves incapable of managing these activities. I love the literary heritage I belong to and our publishing houses are really professional - just not active in that area. Thus, for us, promoting our work elsewhere implies a lot of explaining (something writers of, say, German, do not need to do). As in any case I have to do the work myself I am considering all potential options and I am grateful for your insights. 

    María Reimóndez

  • Hi

    I am actually an English speaking writer who lives in a non-English speaking country. I took the plunge and self published my novel, and have never regretted it. However, it does make marketing more difficult.

    If you have self published your book in your own language it is hardly likely that a publishing house will take it on and translate it for you. But there's nothing to stop you translating it yourself and submitting the manuscript (in the same way we all do) to publishers/agents.

    If your other books have been traditionally published, doesn't your publisher have translators on board or affiliations with English language publishing houses?

    But, don't rule out the possibility that you may have to self publish.

    Geraldine Nesbitt