So you want to self publishing? Why?
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I would like to experience publishing in detail from the ground up. I like the idea of having control over my product.

  • After deciding that my chances of getting published by the traditional rout were worse then winning the lottery, I decided to self pubishe via createspace and then KDP (kindle direct publishing) and then again on smashwords. I wanted people to be able to buy my book no matter what the format and so far so good. Besides, I love the fact that there are no deadlines. I can write at my own pace and I love that kind of freedom.

  • I researched on line, I joined various writing groups and then I concluded that trying to get my book published on its own was going to take up too much of my time and energy. I hired a manuscript editor to make sure my work was the best it could be I submitted it for publication. I signed up with Xlibris a year ago and my book was published in April. I had to approve every aspect of it. The copy editing alone was well worth the investment. My book is now available for sale on line and I have my own inventory which I am selling. The response has been very good and I have three book signing events and a magazine interview and book review scheduled for this summer.

    I have blogged about my book and have a Facebook page for it. I am happy with the responses theses sites have been getting. After self-publishing don't forget about promoting your work. It never ends.

  • Sorry it took so long to reply. i could have sworn I'd already responded ages ago...

    Well, what inspired this is the fact that I've done several years of research on all aspects of the publishing processes {both traditional and self pub}

    Traditional publishing turned down the Harry Potter series and the Twilight Series over a dozen times each!

    I've learned that traditional publishing is pretty much boiled down to A: Who you know already in the industry or B: being in the right place at the right time, or meeting the right person at the right time.

    Thousands of good books have been shot down by traditional publishing because they already had others in that genre/market of similar nature.

    While I've been told by traditionally published writers in my crit groups that I could get a contract and traditionally published, I think going the self published route is best for me. I'll have full creative control and tell my story the way it's meant to be without changing scenes editors don't like or think could be better. Plus I'll get to keep more of the profits from the sales.

    My hubby has worked hard on my cover art. I've gotten some serious feedback on it, including tips from a book printer. I'm happy with the result of his latest efforts too and that's the one I plan to go with. You can view it on: My Blog

    Getting the copyright certificate can be done online a lot faster than through the mail. Same with ISBN's and all the rest.

    I'm now ready to start the formatting process and upload my book preview to the sites I'm going to publish through. The preview is the first five chapters {and free} it's part of my marketing strategy. It leaves off right around the first pinch point of the book, which I'm confident will be enough of a hook to keep the readers eager to get the full book in Jan 2013.

    Because of my years as a fanfiction writer, I already have fans/readers all over the globe, so that will help. But, I've continued to be active with promoting the preview on twitter, my blog, and facebook. I've been reviewing a ton of books on places like Amazon and Goodreads. Plus, I've contributed half a dozen articles about writing to a writers and editors collaboration over the past six months.

    I'm keeping a level head and not expecting an overnight bestseller, but I'm confident it'll be a successful launch.

    Granted it's a pretty risky marketing tactic, especially since it's my debut novel. But, it's a risk I feel will get my name out into the open market in a positive light.

  • I'm going to self publish because I want to maintain control over each aspect from finished MS, to Cover art. What's the point in writing a story that gets hacked up just to "fit into a category" what someone else wants or thinks is best?

    {I should warn you, I can be blunt at times. :P}