My free drawing to win a prize and discussion about blog promotion
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My wordpress site is having a free drawing to win a visa gift card All you have to do is subscribe via email to enter.

I've been trying to promote my wordpress blog to gain more followers. I am always interested in knowing what works for other people. So far my promotions are the following (hopefully they will help those who are new to the wordpress world)

1. in the future I plan on guest blogging on other people sites and putting guest bloggers on mine

2. I've used twitter and facebook

3. of course she writes groups are a great resource too!

4. spread the word to friends via email

I've also thought of passing out flyers at a college campus what are your thoughts on this? Do you think it would be helpful or too time consuming. I was thinking I could also go to the bookstore and ask if they would hand out flyers with purchases. Never even tried that before. Any thoughts?

Good luck if you enter my drawing,