B&N refusing to stock any books published by Amazon
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The New York Times is reporting the above. Here is Stumptown, it's big news. What do you think,my neighbors to the South?

  • Would the prospect of no sales through B&N dissuade you from using CreateSpace to publish?
  • Would you choose to publish through Amazon or stock through B&N?

I've been watching this battle for a while, wondering how B&N was going to respond to the newer industry big'un. Fold or go  head to head? Who is the Romney character in the passion play, and who the Gingrich?

B&N has over 700 stores across the nation. Their absence will surely put a ding in Amazon's bottom line - something to consider, as Amazon just posted something like 50% downturn in sales. (I'm remembering off the top of my head - I could be wrong about the number.)

You can bet your patootie that INDEPENDANT bookstores aren't going to step up to fill the retailer void left by B&N.


PS.: NYT article here: