Need questions and comments for blog on large media site
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If all goes well, I will shortly be blogging about self-publishing for a big big big media site. I need your questions.


1. Qualms, comments, or concerns about choosing self-publishing over the traditional route? Or vice-versa.

2. Successes?

3. Regrets?


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  • I always think of electronic.  I have priced out self-publishing printed books and they are simply too much!

  • Hello,

    When I think self-published I don't think it is electronic only...

    If I had to choose, I have to say I'd go with the Times for more readership.

  • When you think "self-published' do you think electronic pub. only? Or do you include P.O.D. books, etc.

    If you had a choice between an on-line pub in The New York Times or a paper-pub in The Portland Mercury, which would you choose?

  • Hi Alle,

    I'm kind of at a standstill as to how to answer your questions.  I've only submitted one essay and a manuscript of poetry for a chapbook challenge.  I need guidance, more than I can add constructive comments.  Sorry I can't be of more help.  One thing I do know, for me, is I prefer books, magazines, whatever in printed form over anything published solely on the web.  I'm an old-fashioned gal...