Need questions and comments for large media site
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If all goes well, I will shortly be blogging about self-publishing for a big big big media site. I need your questions?


1. Qualms, comments, or concerns about choosing self-publishing over the traditional route? Or vice/versa?

2. Successes?

3. Regrets?


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  • Nadine,

    I am so glad you replied. You have clocked some serious time in the self-pub world. I hope I may continue to call on you as a source - should I get this job, I should say ...

    You must have seen HUGE changes in self-pub. Would you care to comment? The issue of pricing is a challenge. Also, how does one make money if profits are so low and you have to pay an editor and a designer, and for promo. 


    One last (for now, you warehouse of info): have you ever tried the traditional rout (agent/publishing house)?

    While I think a lot of SheWriters could benefit from your experiences, if some of this feels to personal to go public,feel free to message me on SW, or at my personal e-mail: [email protected]

    Thanks so much,


  • Hi, Alle.  This is a first for me, sharing in a discussion group. So here goes . . .

    I would like to say, I queried for a year with no bites before I moved to self-publishing. 

    1. I was attracted to "Outskirts" by their offer of "the best of both worlds by combining the advantages of independent self-publishing with the advantages of traditional book publishing."  I inquired (online) for additional information on these services. Their response was quick, and I continue to receive new updates every few days.

    2. CreateSpace is next on the list. Most authors on SheWrites who have used this vehicle are pleased with their experience. However, this is my first book and I'm green in many areas, including computer technology.  Publishing a book appears easy compared to marketing on ones own.  This is my quandry.

    3. Yes, I am content with email/phone communications. It's time-effective in our busy world. My only requirement is to be assigned "my own" account representative. One person I can go to with questions and concerns, someone who is accountable to me throughout the entire process.  As far as meeting someone in person, I have Skype, which can be just as effective.  Simply arrrange a conference call.

    4. My book is a memoir, which I've entitled, Diary of a Vet's Wife, Loving and Living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It covers an eighteen year period in my life lifted from personals journals.  

    As a divorced mother of three, I met the love of my life and we were married.  Diary of a Vet's Wife shows the innocence of love unblemished with hope and promise, unaware of the imminent demons vowing destruction.  My impossible dream is shattered by nightmares my husband doesn't recall and hidden pain he refuses to share.  I retreat to a life of secrets with no place to turn.  And like a fly on the wall, I take the reader to places most have never been, while bonding with others who know the terrain that only the strong dare travel.

    At this moment, my manuscript is with my freelance editor as we work to complete the epilogue.

    If you have any further questions, please let me know.



  • Hi, Nancy. Thanks for stepping into the discussion. How about if I ask YOU a few questions?

    1. What drew you to "Outskirts"?

    2. Which other self-publishing outfits have you considered?

    3. Are you content to work with a service porvider using e-mail/phone, etc., or would you want to be able to meet with them?

    4. What's your book about?

  • Hi Alle, Just saw your post.  I'm in the process of sorting through some of the many self-publishers available . . . my book is in its final edit. 

    • Has anyone in your audience used "Outskirts Press," and if they have, the pros and cons.
    • I'm also looking for a cover designer who is quality, yet affordable.  And someone to do inside formatting, maybe.  Referrals and phone numbers would be great so I could chat with them on the phone.  

    Many thanks, Nancy MacMillan @