Looking for recommendations for interior formatting and cover designers.
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Hi, I'm working on non-fiction parenting book to self-publish on KDP, Smashwords, CreateSpace. Would prefer (a) to have someone else handle the interior/file formatting, and (b) to work with an experienced cover designer on my own, rather than take what the self-pub vendors offer.  Do you agree?  What would you expect to spend on these services?  Recommendations/referrals and words of wisdom much appreciated.  Thank you!!

  • Hi Barbara, Jeff dropped me an email yesterday afternoon. He's very prompt.  His "general pricing" was a bit high for my budget, however, I do plan to contact him to chat a bit.

    Thanks again for your help.

  • Thanks, Barbara.  I'll look forward to hearing from him.  How nice to have a community that shares so willingly.  :D

  • Lovely. I'll give him your email address, too! Congratulations on nearing the end of the writing process, although frankly it never really ends . . . does it?!

    I'm sure you'll hear from Jeff in the next day or two.

  • Hi, Barbara.  I, too, am self-publishing and looking for an independent cover designer/and interior formatting for my memoir.  My first book.  My free-lance editor is in the final 6 chapters, and then I'm ready to roll.  I've been looking for someone affordable, and referred by another writer.  Jeff sounds promising and I'd be thrilled if you would forward my email address as well.  Thank you in advance for your consideration.

    Nancy MacMillan @ http://blogofavetswife.blogspot.com/   My email address is: [email protected]

  • Thank you Christine, I really appreciate your experienced feedback and confirmation that I'm on the right track.  Actually, I'm playing a bit of a "shepherd" role with this book myself, and learning in the trenches.  I will check out Ted's site, and feel free to email me any other info if you would like at [email protected]  Many thanks!