Vent: Since When Did Relentless & Ruthless Action Become "Good" Story?
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I guess Im reacting to some negative views about some favorite books of mine on Goodreads, but of all the people who had negative things to say about the books (Sword of Maiden's Tears, Cloak of Night and Shadows etc by Rosemary Edghill) the worst they had to say was that it got too slow in parts. (Well one other critic said it was cheesy and unchallenging and I had to wonder what kind of literature she thought was challenging, considering Edghill employed a LOT of medieval literary history into her story) But it led me to thinking about how it seems the public preference now seems to be that if it doesnt read like a Stephen Spielberg action movie with constant movement and little time for taking a breath and I wonder if my own particular style of writing is even going to find an audience? I know I will have to watch and make sure I hold the reader's interest, but Im also a believer in that in a story, there has to be a relaxation before a tightening.  A good play has this element. A brilliant piece of music employs this rest and rush method...don't they??? Am I wrong?

I just wanted to vent about it. It kind of worries me. I guess Im still of a generation (I'm only in my mid-40s, but I grew up watching The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, and all those wonderful storytelling movies) that enjoys the old movies and good dialogue and doesnt have to be constantly entertained by one horror/activity after another. When I write, I strive to use the English language as concisely and elegantly as possible.

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