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Does anyone know if a literary magazine--online/paper--or any other publication will accept a blog for publication?

  • Hi Rossandra,

    I will definitely take a look at your blog and see if I have any ideas.  BTW, I have been obsessed with Africa since we visited Kenya last year at the height of the wildebeest migration.

  • How terrific is that, J.D. Congrats! You know it seems that nothing is set in stone anymore. What I'm mostly blogging about is memoir material, but I'm not sure that it would be a straight book to blog kind of thing, because they're essays about today with memories of my life in Africa.  Thanks for the offer to help. As I go along I would like to take you up on your offer.

  • Rachel, I only happened upon your reply, now, tch, tch.  As most of my blogs are short essays, I was thinking about making them a little longer and submitting them to magazines.  Thanks for the link!

  • Memoir(and)


    Flycatcher Journal

    Missouri Review (if you remove it from your blog)

    The other three have various stipulations for their subs, but they make it clear and simple to follow.  Good luck!