How Can We Make Our Group More Useful?
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Hello all Literary Fiction Writers!

I started this group a couple of years ago and then dropped off the map when some family issues required my attention.  I am amazed to see the growth of that group in the time I was gone.  Now I would like to explore how we can make our group more useful to all of us members and I want to throw the idea out there for suggestions.

I see that some people are making connections, discussing critique groups and engaging in a variety of ways.  That's great.  I'm just wondering if there is more that we can do in a structured way?  If you are happy with the group as it is and getting what you hoped for we can just leave well enough alone.

But I am open to suggestions and as the founder of the group feel a bit of responsibility for helping us all make the most of it.  I would love to hear your input.

Thanks for writing (and writing, and writing....)


  • Hi. That was me. 2.0 started, then stopped. I'm not exactly sure why. I think I have to study moderators on groups that continue regularly. Your manuscript sounds great. We could talk about it privately.
  • Hi all, I'm looking for another beta reader on my literary novel. It's going through its third full revise and I'd like one more pair of eyes to give me some feedback.  Here's a brief synopsis:

    A cranky grad student, homeless addict, and distant dad deal with the mysterious disappearance of the mother who once held them together

  • Hi Sara,

    Seems like the traffic dropped off the map on this group again. Did that 2.0 group ever get going? I believe I "joined" it, but haven't heard anything from anyone in so long, I'm thinking it faded away.

  • Hello, all, 

    Christine could take this group private by going to Edit Group, under options. Christine, if you'd like to do this, we'd be happy to hear from you.

    If not, I have just formed a group, Literary Fiction Writers V. 2.0. It's waiting approval. It will be a private group--you have to ask to join, and only group members will be able to see our posts. I have said that we will also support literary non-fiction and that our goals will be to support one another as we work toward publication, either through self-publishing or more traditional means, and we want to be private so that we can seriously discuss literary magazines and agents, etc. 

    So I'd look for the group starting probably tomorrow. If you guys want to join, that would make us private without having to be on facebook. 


  • We can create a facebook closed group. Call it: LitFic and invite people?  Also, my email is my full name at gmail dot com.

  • Elisabeth, that sounds lovely. I would love to read it.

    How can people send me private emails? I could circle us up. I'd love to talk privately. 

  • Hi Sara,

    My memoir is The Holy Ghost Goes to Bed at Midnight: Half a Mormon Life about me (forced into a religion that doesn't match me and then all that comes with the aftermath of having no answers and no God). So far, my beta readers like it. I am on the pitch. That's been quite a journey. It reads like fiction.

  • Sounds great to me! :)  Sounds a little like Poisonwood Bible-ish. Loved that book. No matter what kind of fiction you write, you have an audience in mind and they exist. I have read "experimental" which more and more is actually just Joycean or Woolf-like, and I guess they were ahead of their time.

  • Sorry, Elisabeth, I didn't meant to leave you out of the shoot me an email circle thing. 

    I had this hilarious critique group meeting about a year ago. I had announced to the group that I was writing mainstream fiction, and was promptly told off by the whole group. Nope, they said, you're writing literary fiction--multiple, intertwining storylines, with the structure of the novel an important part of the story itself. Plus, you're writing with unexpected parallels and insights about huge, universal issues.

    O-kay, I said, but it's accessible. Yeah, sure, they said, we get sucked into the stories and the characters, but still, it's way, major literary fiction. Walked out a little shaky and intimidated, but there you go. Lit fic. Historical literary fiction, about race and bigotry, and how those who are the victims of bigotry can internalize that hatred. 

    I'm stuck.