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Hello Fellow (?) Writers!

I've been writing all my life, bits and pieces here and there, and have had a few essays published. I've worked as assistant editor for a (defunct) magazine, and have taught English to middle schoolers, trying to impart the joy of reading  to them. Now that was a challenge. Darned pity. 

My novel for Young Adults is finished; I worked on it, off and on, over a number of years. What it needs is a helpful critique of the first 25 or so double-spaced pages. Is this the place to be?

Among my favorite writers: H. James, T. Mann, C. Dickens, Lois Lowry, O. Henry, L. Tolstoy, M. Twain, W. Shirer, K. Chopin....  These authors can get wordy (if wonderful), but in my own writing I try for the crisp.

Looking forward to responses....

Andrea Eller