Looking for a critique group...
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Hi all.  I am fairly new to the group here, and just beginning my adventures in writing/publishing.  I am looking to find a group of 3 or 4 people to start an online critique group.  As I am posting this in the essay group, I am looking for other essay/memoir/nonfiction writers to read and critique a few times a month.  If you are interested, willing, and wanting some others to work with, drop me a note.

Happy holidays!


  • Hello,

    Looking for someone to critique my collection of prose, poems, short stories and essays. If you are interested please let me know.  I can critique  yours.



  • No Worries!  But like I said- some of you others here could start another group. 

    I will definitely check back if one of our group bails:)

    good luck.

  • Hello,

    Sorry Amanda, I believe you said the group is already filled. Let me know if someone drops.

    Thanks, Lina Perez

  • Hello Amanda,

    Thanks and I am interested...How do we start?  Thanks, Miguelina "Lina" Perez

  • Happy holidays and let's get critiquing!

    Alright ladies. I have an essay that needs another pair of eyes. It's almost finished, may in fact be finished. Better darned well be after as many rewrites as I've given it.Things I need checked: dynamism, pace/rhythm, anything clunky, functioning similes, and clearly established and resolved problem.

    Anyone willing to do a critique on a 2500-word essay by 7 January? I'll most happily reciprocate.


  • Nichole and Sandi-

    Thanks for the responses!  Who knew there were so many people needing a group!  I have already had 3 people contact me and say they are interested.  I think the best way to move forward is to go with the first to show up:)  so to speak.  If someone bails and is not really interested, I will let you know.  There's also no reason why you two couldn't check each other out and see if you can work together!


  • Hi Amanda... I've been looking for a writing/critique group as well. But are you speaking of a virtual group, online group or meeting locally with people? As you did not mention your location... I'm guessing you mean online.

  • Awesome Melissa and Nancy-

    Maybe I'll spend a few minutes thinking about what the group would look like, how we could structure it, and then get on email with you both, and someone else if they stop in.  then we can get started!!