BookBaby - has anyone used it?
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I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to pay a fee to a site like BookBaby to take care of the design, formatting, uploading, etc or should I strike out and e-publish on my own?

  • It's pretty fine if you're going to use BookBaby, as long as the services is worthy and you're financial can do then go.... :-)

  • I've been trying to research BookBaby, Create Space and Lightning Source for creating a physical book (DTB, right?) of my novel. I'm not worrying about ebooks yet because I want to have physical products for a book fair at which I might exhibit. I have to say, reading articles about percentages, discounts, charge per page, charge per this and that, it seems rather endless.

    I do like BookBaby so far because it's easy to get a live person on the phone to whom I can ask questions. I couldn't find a number on Create Space, so I sent an email and two days later I received an email asking ten questions, one of them being the best time to reach me by phone, and signed by a particular person. I like the speaking with or working with a real human aspect. I haven't received an email response from Lightning Source yet.

  • @Kathryn, I so totally agree with you!...I'm trying to do that too...I have been in contact with bookbaby also, AND I have a good friend who is a singer, and he worked with them for a CD he produced and sang...he had no problems with them. I researched all of the self publishing information I could find, and all of the publishers of e-books, and I think for the price, if you want them to handle that aspect of your book, even though profits are small, it takes a load off of you, then you can do your other forms of publication yourself...that's how I look at it, and that's what I'm going to do..good luck, great thread!

  • I have never used BookBaby, but if you think that you can handle the details on your own then do it. If you have the financial backing to let someone else do it, then let them. Just remember that if you are seeking to make a profit on what you write then the fees you pay will take a part of it.

    I know - not much, huh?

    I think that we each have to take our own journey and listen to the leading of Christ in each step. Some of the writers that I know LOVE working on covers. Others enjoy the editing process. Some just want to write and let others work out the details of publishing for them.

    Find what works for you and trust that.