Invitation to be listed in our Holiday Book Promotion for dog-related books
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Do you know someone who has written a book about dogs or a book that has a dog as a main character? Or have you written a book about dogs or a book that has a dog as a main character? 


If so, and if you, or the author, would like to participate in the City Pet Books Holiday Book Promotion, please contact me (or have the author contact me with your reference) through She Writes messages  or through Linked In mail and we can discuss the details. I'm a little late in getting this started this year, so let me know as soon as possible.


I will want a copy of the book (a manuscript file will get the process moving along faster) so that I can read it and write a promotional blurb about it for our website,

When you contact me, I'll send you the email address for you (or the author) to send me the book file, or will give you my snail mail address for a hardcopy. You can also "gift" me your book if it is in Kindle format.


PLEASE NOTE: This promotion is specifically to help new authors, small-press authors, and self-published authors. It is not for established authors working through main-line publishing companies. (Not that we have anything against the successful authors. We just like to use the holiday season to offer a promotion opportunity for new, small-press, and self-published writers.)


  • Author & poet  Arlene Klein wrote a lovely book "I Never Wanted to Say Goodbye". It can be found on Amazon. It's amazing! You can leave a message for her on facebook.