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Autumn seems to put a timer onto everyday work on a farm.

With colder temperatures, everything becomes more immediate.

There is only so much time left to plough that field or harvest the corn.

Weather determines so much in rural life.

What is the weather of autumn like in your area?


The autumn colours seem to inspire me to write more words. How about you?


Autumn photo from Ontario: 

Our dog, Cody,


to search

for treasures


the leaves


our back yard,

in the shadow

of the tall

maple tree.


  • Fall is playful. It toys with us, pushing us to our limit and sometimes past it. The corn silage is the first to be harvested. A long week of fourteen hour days to get the corn harvested, packed and covered before the rain comes. And it comes, delaying the harvest of the soybeans, making the fields too wet and muddy for the planting of winter wheat. We are forever watching the weather radar, praying for the rain to miss our fields. For a week now, we have had sunshine and warmth. We like this Fall. Two more fields to go and we'll be finished. Now the header of the combine breaks. We'll lose a day. Rain is forecast for next week. Can we get it all done before then? 


    This picture was taken of our farm on a Thanksgiving Sunday a few years ago. I love the colors of the fields and the how the red leaves of the Maples stand out. Fall is truly a beautiful season.