Critique Group
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For the thriller/action/suspense writers, who live in Manhattan...

I'm looking to start or join  a face-to-face critique group.

Anyone interested?

  • We'll only be meeting once a month--on Sunday, late afternoons--Do you need a group that meets more frequently? If not, send me a short sample, say 3 pages pasted into the body of my email at kitsy84557 at gmail dot com and I'll let the 2 other women take a peek-I already read your online sample. What do you think?

    BTW, my nickname is Kitsy

  • Cool!

    Hi Catherine,

    Thanks for responding. Let me know if you have room for

    another member. I have participated in groups before...very

    familiar with what's required.


  • Hi Henya

    I live in New York City. Very busy, but I do like your writing and I do have a very small writing group of three, who may want another member?? I'm writing crossover spec thrillers. Catherine Stine