seeking feedback on cover for my upcoming SF novel
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I'm getting close to self-publishing my SF novel, TWIN-BRED, and am having second thoughts about my cover.  I have two versions, one for print and one for the e-book, but I'm not sure whether they look professional enough.  I'm attaching both (the one with the smaller planet is the e-book cover), and would greatly appreciate any feedback!  Please let me know as specifically as you can what does and (especially) what doesn't work for you.  Thanks!!
  • :)  Leave it to me to be a year behind the schedule, sorry!  Glad to see your book published and congrats, it looks great!

  • Looking at the newer ones, I do like the one where the stars are removed.  Cleans it up and makes it look more professional.  Still needs something, I'm not sure what. 

  • My first response was, "Oh no, another thing on abortion."  Seriously, I'm not sure where that came from, but it was an immediate turn-off for me.  I looked closer, and it didn't bother me so much when I saw one was the traditional alien picture and the other a human, and then I got intrigued about what that might mean. 

    I don't love the font, but I do like the simplicity of it.  The overall look is not as professional as others I've seen (no offense, just my opinion).  I think if you took the planet with the the fetuses and blurred it--smudge it and lighten it, leave the stars dark, change the font--not sure to what though--it would look more pro.  Maybe make the graphic a little smaller and off-set too.  I like that you don't have a bunch of verbage on the front! 


    Now, I'll go read what others have said.  Thanks for sharing, hope I'm not way off on this.  Good luck to you!!!

  • I've been tweaking.... If there's anyone who isn't sick of this cover, I'd love to get reactions to some of the latest alternatives.  All of them have a somewhat darker planet and larger artwork.  I've also tried adding stars to the black background -- either larger, more stylized ones or smaller, closer-to-realistic-size ones.  And I've also tried a different color font.  (I've tried some other fonts, but haven't found one I really liked.  If anyone has a recommendation for a good raised 3D font, please let me know!)

    I've also had a private message from someone on another website, apparently a professional designer, saying that "the layout is amateurish, the serif font is crude and the illustration is poor. . . . Currently it brands the book as an amateurish attempt at publishing."  If that's the impression it gives, I really, REALLY want to know about it . . . so please don't worry about being kind! (OTOH, if readers like it, I won't worry too much about what professional designers think.)

  • What's working for me: The picture gives an immediate "synopsis" of what the book is about, which is incredibly intriguing.


    What's not working for me: I wonder if you could add something small after/before your name, such as a credential or a quoted review, etc. to give it a little extra somethin-somethin ;-)