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Now that I know there are others on SheWrites who blog on Wordpress, can you put up a link so we can come and visit if its a public blog?


Mine is and its mostly book reviews and a place to learn how to blog and play. 


Wish I knew how to create a 790 x 190 pixel image so I could change the header image, that's the next improvement I'd like to make.


Look forward to seeing others.



  • Thank you for checking out my blog!  I am glad you enjoyed it.  I was nervous about writing about Discworld as I have loved it for so long, but it felt nice. 

  • Hello, Lyne -- I love the title of your blog and the look of it, not to mention the premise.  Your post about 'Discworld' has me very intrigued. I look forward to more from/about you.

  • My blog is incredibly new.  I have dabbled in blogging over the years, and Wordpress is my favorite place to blog.  My fiancee has domain space, and I'm hosting my blog on it currently with  Ramblerambleramble aside, it is mostly about writing and what I'm reading, or have read.  It is only a few weeks old, and I am really bent on making this blog last.

    Anyway here it is:

  • Anne Elise 

    Hello, I checked out your blog and found a lot of useful information, but I think I identified most with your learning curve and honesty about how far you've come in the last two years.  I just launched my first blog to promote a book I've been working on for a decade!  yeah, a decade.  Beyond my subject, my blog discusses the craft of acting so I need to start hooking up with other similar blogs per your advice.  Thanks.  Since you're interested in theatre, you can follow me if you want at

  • Great blog Ann Elise, congratulations on where it has got you too, its all good and I am sure you will look back again in another year and see how far you have come.  Great post on building a following with interesting comments too.