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Now that I know there are others on SheWrites who blog on Wordpress, can you put up a link so we can come and visit if its a public blog?


Mine is and its mostly book reviews and a place to learn how to blog and play. 


Wish I knew how to create a 790 x 190 pixel image so I could change the header image, that's the next improvement I'd like to make.


Look forward to seeing others.



  • Hello! I started my blog in 2009 to accompany my writing site, discussing writing and my work, but I soon branched out to other topics and it has become an every-Monday reflection of my life for that particular week. My blog is here:  I look forward to reading others' blogs soon!

    ~~ Patricia

  • H, my  is my WP blog.

    My blog is where i share my research in mathematics as a teacher, my views on education, write on some social causes, places and on my personal views about things happening around me.

    Would like to share it with others.

  • That sounds wonderful.  I am new to She Writes, like today new. lol.  I love writing poetry and a memoir is something I have put a lot of thought into.  Manuscript consultation sounds like heaven!!  I will be checking you out asap.  

  • I have two blogs. There's where I blog on writing, share literary news from the Caribbean and promote the Wadadli Pen youth writing programme I run. It has writing prompts, market info, writing news, Caribbean book info and more.


    There's my personal/career blog where I share info on my writing life and my country, in addition to promoting my professional writing and editing services.

  • My blog came into existence before blogs. It's an e-zine called Writer Advice found at

    We do author interviews, book reviews, website reviews, a contests & markets page, and a page where we publish our contest winners. We have a page for author announcements, and we offer a manuscript consultation service. We publish new issues quarterly, so unlike some blogs, our articles are up for 90 days and some are archived. 

    I hope you'll check us out. 

  • Greetings all! My blog, "Virtual Iridescence: Writings, Etcetera by Gina Marie" draws inspiration from my adoration of the written word, and also by others who've shared this passion. The latest post culls poem fragments from Ted Hughes’s collection Birthday Letters, and Sylvia Plath’s collections The Colossus and Other Poems and Ariel. The fragments are arranged in such a way as to give the illusion of dialogue: