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Now that I know there are others on SheWrites who blog on Wordpress, can you put up a link so we can come and visit if its a public blog?


Mine is and its mostly book reviews and a place to learn how to blog and play. 


Wish I knew how to create a 790 x 190 pixel image so I could change the header image, that's the next improvement I'd like to make.


Look forward to seeing others.



  • Claire if you send me your images I can put them in that form for you.  I could teach you easily if you were int he same room but not long distance. Email me at [email protected] and put "format images" in the title.  When you do also tell me the photo software you have on your mac or pc, and is it a mac or pc?

  • Wow Linda I am thrilled to dive into your memoir blog.  I can sort of (sort of!) relate to all that chaos in life!! My blog is part memoir as well! Thanks for sharing I look forward to following you!


  • Deb, I just stopped by and followed your blog and can't wait to dive in--it's beautifully designed!! One of the best I've seen.  Well done!


  • Thank you Angela!  It is good to know others feel the same way.  This is both the most exciting journey and the scariest for me.  I like what you said in your blog about sharing being part of the healing journey!  

  • Nice blog, Stevie! Beautiful layout and writing. I can identify with your fear that you will be read and that you might not be! I feel the same way. It took me years to share my writing with the world in this way. But it's what I feel I need to do, so I swallow my fears and put it out there! Good luck to you. My blog is Holistic Spirituality, if you'd like to check it out. Nice to connect with you.

  • Hello Fellow Wordpress Bloggers,

    I am brand new to Shewrites and brand new to this group.  I have been writing as long as I can remember, but never in any professional capcity unless you count my college newspaper.


    I'm glad to have found this community.  For me blogging is really about the words and writing and I would love to connect with like-minded bloggers.


    My blog is still in its infancy.  It is called Joy in the Midst of...  It is a collection of my thoughts and experiences, life, learning, the search for joy. 


    I am self-hosted and use and the Genesis Framework and currently using the Prose child theme.  Happy to meet you all and looking forward to reading your blogs!