Why don't we ever put our writing first?
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Why is it that we seem to let our dreams and desires get pushed to the back burner?  I remember being little and had a list a mile long of things I wanted to try, and be, and create.  There wasn't ever a moment when I thought that I couldn't get them done because they were what my mind went to naturally; I had desire and fed it at any sign of hunger pangs. 

I don't want to believe that growing up means that this spirit dies.  So as much as I do want to pay my bills and get to work on time...I also want to make pies entirely out of whipped cream and throw them in someones face.  And I really do want to get published, but I need to sit my ass down and write the story first.  I need to make a mantra of all this when the boredom starts to creep in. 

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Say it with me.

  • I totally understand where you're coming from.  I am in that boat.  Time to row to shore!

    Sometimes I think its fear of failure--sometimes I think its fear of success.  Other times I think its akin to the hero's journey and I'm simply at that step of denying my calling and soon a hooded wise one will step out from behind a mass of Jawas like Obiwan and set me straight. The odds are slim, but here's to dreaming! lol
  • That's fantastic!  Congratulations.  You're doing exactly what I envision myself doing in the future.  It's a slow path, learning discipline one baby step at a time, but I'm getting there.  Each page written, each blog entry published, each status update and tweet are taking me one step closer to self employment and telling stories for a living...Ahhhhh, the thought of it is exhilerating!
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    I like the idea of making a mantra when the boredom starts to creep in ~ for me it would be when procrastination rears its ugly head - it seems I can find anything and everything to do instead of sitting down and putting words on the page even though I insist that this is my dream and what I've always wanted to do.  For me, I think it is fear but fear of what?  Judgement maybe?  I don't know ~ I just know that I need to stop putting it off and just do it.
  • Well, I don't put my writing on the back shelf since I chose to make being a full-time novelist my career. And yes, I have to struggle sometimes with not dropping everything for a kids tragic need to go to a movie with friends, get a new outfit for a dance, or even  making dentist appointments after my work ends. But I am more happy than I have been and more prolific with my writing. I have nine novels in my writing queue and just finished my third novel.

    I think it takes a concious choice to put yourself first, not a selfish thing either. And to make your dreams as important as anyone elses.

    It's your turn  now....that's what I think anyway!



  • Maybe people put their dreams to the backburner, because they feel that they are not important enough to be put on the front burner.  Maybe dreams are held off, because people are to afraid to try and take risks.  Maybe people just get to lazy.  It is time to stop putting our dreams on hold.