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Hello God.  I've been dying to talk with you.  I also feel such a total loss for words.  I mean where do I begin?  How do I begin?  I think it is your desire that when one of your children comes to you that they just talk.  Just come to you with our thoughts, wishes, dreams, joys and sorrows.  But above all...to come to you with love.  And that I do.

I see this life you gave me as a series of choices.  This recognition blesses me with active faith and the sense of Pure Grace.  Thank You, my God.   I thought it important to let You know that I have chosen to make my choices positive and life affirming.  In the face of depression and a sense of despair, I find a small action which I can undertake toward the positive.  Recognizing that this life you blessed me with is a matter of proportion and perception, I work consciously to keep gratitude as my chosen attitude and optimism as the lens through which I view this beautiful and majestic world You Created.  This is not denial.  This is courage.  Rather than surrender to my feelings of negativity and despair, I consciously and with Divine Passion combat such feelings by moving in the direction of greater faith and my deep desire that we get to know one another.  I want to know all of you, God - You the Father, You the Son, You the Holy Spirit.  Rather than rehearse catastrophe and betrayals, I choose to use my thinking to remember the ever-present potential for happiness through pure and true love.  Love of You, Dear Lord, which leads to the Essence of Love.  I take my cue from the resilience of life itself.

The hummingbird is small but active in the face of threatening odds.  So too I choose to take personal and positive actions in the face of negativity.  Rather than wallow in hopelessness, I enact the viability of hope.  I promise you to continue to reach out to others with kindness, humor, and love.  I will allow others to reach toward me bearing their gifts of love and healing.  Rather than isolate, I now communicate.  I signal the world that I am engaged, committed, and active for the greater good.  My active faith and my ever-growing love for you blesses all.

“Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).

I wait...I listen...I hear...

You do not play, my child.  You tell yourself it is more virtuous to be serious.  You are alert always to how to serve me, but you are blind to the joy I derive from serving you.  Let me lighten your heart.

Look at the natural world.  You can see my own nature at play.  Winds dance in the trees.  Birds flit lightly from branch to branch.  Clouds move serenely across the sky.  Sometimes I make rainbows.  Sometimes I enjoy the drama of lightning.  Grasses bend in the breeze.  Butterflies alight on a bank of wild roses.  Bees feed on clumps of clover.  Dragonflies hover low above a hot dirt road.  In all these things, my joy is apparent.  There is ease.

Allow yourself to enjoy my world.  Play with me by appreciating its beauty.  Walk with me.  Slow your frantic pace long enough to be touched by the Holy Spirit.  Relax in me.  Take in the beauty of my garden.  There is humor in many exchanges.  Molly chases a butterfly.  The squirrel races up a tree trunk and then sits bolt upright, flirting with its tail.  Allow your spirit to join me in play.  Laugh at the jokes found in nature.  Smile at the playfulness of your own spirit as it reemerges.  Have fun with me.


  • Beautifully written -- awesome prayer!  You have been given a gift of writing and therefore one of sharing.  How blessed you are!
  • Hi JOMARIE, Thx for your return message by email.  However when I clicked on the link for the full message...the site said it had been deleted.  Deb
  • In reading this Jan...He helps those who help themselves....that is what comes to mind...and came to me in the shower one day ...in one of my most desperate days....the water theraphy worked..as did that verse from the Bible that I have heard a million times...but not until it was my Time...as there is a Time for everything....did It hit me...that I was responsible for me.  Hallelujah!  On my journey...I started finding love hearts and now after finding many others too who find them...in everyday life...I have been inspired and am opening Nature & Grace Gallery...in October.  I hope to have your books available as part of the Book Club and for sale to the visitors...we can talk some more about this as I am now outfitting and finalising decor. Through your writing...your comments have given me much strength.  That is the Beauty of SW.  God Bless.  Thanks, Deb <3 [Debra Shawcross Farmer Love Hearts Found...facebook]
  • Beautifully Breathtaking...Thank You So very much JOMARIE....I can not tell you how much I was meant to read your post at this time.  It confirms for me...the miraculous way in which his Power works within our lives.  It cements too why we are writers...how could these words ever be heard otherwise.  So Good.  God Bless you.  I have a facebook page....about my own journey. Debra Shawcross Farmer Love Hearts Found.  I think you will like it.  Deb <3
  • How marvelous this is. I too write letters to God. Then I get as quiet and still as I can and write a letter to myself from God. Sometimes I write messages that filter through me from -- well -- I don't know where -- but something bigger than me knows answers and is trying to help me. It is quite difficult to explain. But I always feel better after the letter from God is written. About 12 years ago I was horribly ill from toxic mold and sitting in a hotel, homeless, frustrated, reaching out to friends who didn't want to take on helping me by letting me stay with them because they knew my needs were great and didn't want their neat life interrupted. I was ill and traumatized, having lost everything from the devastations of toxic black mold. In the hotel room I suddenly remembered the song: "I'm gonna sit right down and right myself a letter and make believe it came from you. . . ." So that's when I started writing letters to God and then I wrote letters back to me and made believe they came from him. I did that all day long for a week and it gave me the strength to take the next step once I left the hotel.
  • Thank you JoMarie for sharing this wonderful prayer today that is such an echo of my own heart... If you hadn't done so I couldn't have heard it resound deep within myself. Thank you for giving voice to your courage and again for sharing. I add one giant: AMEN!