NanoWriMo 2011
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I was just wondering how many of you will be doing Nanowrimo this year. I have an idea for a crime fiction novel, which I think will be my Nanowrimo title: "Antheratus".

I'm new to Nanowrimo, this is the first year I've ever heard of it and I think that it is a great concept. Making the commitment to yourself to write a full 50,000 word novel in 30 days really lights a fire under you which is exactly what I need.


Anyhow I'm looking for a few writing buddies who plan on doing the event this year so that we can motivate each other towards the finish line. What about the rest of you? Do you have book in mind? Are you in need of motivational writing buddies?


I would love to hear from veteran Nanowrimos as well as newbies like me. Let's make this our best novel writing year!
  • Hats off to all the ladies that busted out NaNo with big word counts today! I'm just getting started...hoping to have at least 1000 before bed.  Happy writing everyone. ;)
  • Yup. I was starting to work on a tentative list of scenes, and realized I had to make a crucial decision first, preferably after much technical research.  (Can't say which decision -- it'd be a spoiler re the book to which this will be the sequel....)  I  may end up deciding based on the needs of my plot, and rationalizing later.  Some "handwavium" may be involved.
  • Is anyone else starting to get nervous?  I'm working on a more structured outline for my NaNo novel today and have noticed a few butterflies.
  • Great to hear!   This year is my first crack at NaNo and I hoped to quiet my inner critic in the process.  I have the issue of editing (and rereading what I've written) as I go.  Which is a big fat no-no if I ever want to complete a draft.
  • I'm a HUGE NaNo Rebel fan...and have worked in that circle in the past. To me, one of the great things about NaNoWriMo is that is just encourages you to WRITE.
  • I'm in!  I've never done NaNo before and am very excited about it. I've been kicking around an idea for novel no. 2 but have been so busy with revisions on no. 1 that I haven't gotten no. 2 off the ground. I'm counting on NaNo to help me jump start it. Looking forward to chatting w/ SheWriters about the experience, cheering each other on during the month of November, etc.

  • Hi, all (esp. Vera!). :) If you get a "buddy" request from SeleneM1, that's me! Let's make NaNo great this year.
  • Hi. I did it last year, and it's challenging and exhausting, but I found it really "tests your mettle," so to speak. 1700 words a day isn't as hard as it seems, when you have direction and focus. I didn't quite make it (42K and change), but got pretty close. :)