Invitation: Aussie She Writers please let us know what part of Australia you come from, and a something about yourself.
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Have you ever wondered if you live near another She Writer or where other Aussie writers live? As we're a relatively small group I wondered if you would like to introduce yourselves, telling us where you live and a little something of what makes you who you are. What genre (if any) you like to write, what books you like to read,what blogs you have and something to make us laugh. Anyone interested?


  • Hiya, I live in Melbourne, in the outer northern suburbs.  Since I don't have a car, it's a bit awkward but hey, the rent's cheap.

    I write a bit of erotica and a bit of chick lit.  I have my debut novel, The Bad Girls' Club, out on kindle.  It's a steamy story about three girls sick of being taken for granted who band together to form a club based on dares and adventures. 

    I also blog at where I write about Japan (I lived there for a year and my next book is an historical fiction set in Nagasaki) and about quirky stuff that catches my eye.  I also have a series of guest posts from fun women about the dares they've done to tie into my novel.

  • Hi everyone. My pen name is Ann Elise Monte and I live on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria. I'm about to start studying Arts at Monash University. I mostly write and read YA fiction but I'm not afraid of stepping outside my comfort zone every once in a while. I blog at about writing, books and the occasional anecdote about costume malfunctions or rants about annoying people. I like making people laugh, but more often than not my jokes fall flat.

  • Hi, I am a West in the Central Wheatbelt (2 hours East of Perth).  I have many wip...some are ready to go...a children's book (educational)...about friendship, a memoir ...and a photo journal written work on the phenomeon of finding Hearts in Nature, everyday items and in food....I have discovered many too who find them.  It is connected to awakening to Faith and my Spirituality at 40+.  It is in it's FINAL edit...and almost ready to go for self publishing...far too many knock backs...I almost had M.I.L.K on board...but didn't fit with their scheduling...which wasn't the words I wanted to hear.  Looking forward to connecting with other Aussie writers.  Deb (on fb page Debra Shawcross Love Hearts Found)

  • Hi from Melbourne everyone!

    I'm principal copywriter and owner at Cluey freelance copywriters.

    Specialties include web content, SEO copywriting and content marketing.

    Look forward to chatting with you all.

  • Hi, I'm Trish and live south of Sydney near Cronulla. I write spec and historical fiction, and mix the two when I can. I've just entered the "new novelists" comp with a story set in Ancient Gallic Roman Empire. I'm hoping to eventually manage a research trip to France (wouldn't that be nice?) but that may rely on my winning Lotto.

    You can find me on twitter. Though I don't tweet a whole lot, I would certainly be interested in real time discussions.


  • Yes This is probably the biggest learning curve you will ever make but try to enjoy it, for I am sure you have been told they grow up so quickly. My two babies( 17&18) are here in the kitchen making pancakes-- help is that smoke I can smell?

    Thanks for sending your links, I am going to have a look at them as soon as I post this. 

    MY cats found the sound of lions a bit disconcerting at first however they are used to it now, and so are we.

    By the way even though it seems a long way off your time for writing will come. Cheers!

  • Hi there Katharina,  I eldest son lives in Sydney and I do get to visit occasionally. Is this your first baby? I can understand you not having much time to focus on writing, don't worry it'll all come in good time.

    Let me introduce myself. I live on a grain farm on the Darling Downs, about 30 minutes from Toowoomba. OUr farm is a bit unique as we have a zoo next door( most unusual in the country to have tea to the sound of lions roaring). I have written since I can remember all genres however mystery/ crime is my favourite. I enjoy historical fiction with an element of truth, something that could plausibly have happened. I blog at, two blogs one more personal thoughts/opinions A Spoonful of Sugar and a Little Bit of Lace; and one a culmination of chapters that I write about a farm that is only a tiny bit fictitious, it is called Grasshopper Farm and Friends. Do you have a link for your blogs? NIce to meet you.