Shameless Self-Promotion from a Nature Writing Group member

Hi All,

I posted this last month on my wall thinking that it would go to the group. I'm still getting the hang of SheWrites, so I apologize if you've seen this already, but...


July brought publications in two journals that might interest this group.


Adventum Magazine has just published their first issue (available online and as a print on demand).  My flash essay "Orcas in Passing" is in it.  You can find it at:


Also up is "Things that go beep in the night" at LabLit: The Culture of Science in Fiction and Fact. LabLit is a good market for short essays or fiction about science (including nature issues, citizen science or similar "softer" topics).  The essay is at:


Both markets were easy to work with and responded quickly to submittals. Good luck with them!