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  • Hi. Within the last 5 years, I've been shifting my writing from hobby to publishable stories. Continuing to learn the art of short story fiction writing as well as novel writing are all part of my writing process. In addition to story writing, I post to my two writing Facebook Pages (Our Writers Group and Wolf Creek Writers) and a Wordpress blog: Join me as I offer writing help and post short stories. Thanks.
  • Hello everyone, good to join this board! I'm a children's book writer and recent illustrator. I've begun writing short stories (for older readers) this year. My blog features kidlit as well as motivational quotes for creative artists. Hope to get to know you guys more.

  • Hello,

    I am happy and excited to be here! 

    I'm a dreamer, a wanderer, and I'm infatuated with reading and writing short stories. I always tell people that I write strange little stories narrated by broken, smart-assy girls. It's true.

    I have a blog at I blog infrequently, but there are links to some of my published short stories there. 

    So glad to meet everyone!

  • Hi there! I am so excited to be a part of this group!

    I recently completed my first novel, but wanted to keep working on my writing skills while editing. I started writing super short stories for my blog and have started writing longer stories to hopefully submit to literary journals. Eek!

    I live in NYC and love to be creative, hence the name of my blog "The Creative Journey of an NYC Gal". Feel free to check it out

    and I look forward to getting to know you ladies! Thanks Tosh!

  • Hello, everyone!

    I am Chrys Fey. I started writing when I was twelve. I have published short stories with Freedom Fiction Journal, Slate & Style, and Inner Sins magazine. My short memoir “Woman of Steel”, about the spine surgery I've had when I was fifteen, is on The Write Place at the Write Time.

    My blog “Write With Fey” is dedicated to helping and inspiring writers:

  • Hello everyone! Nice to meet you all. I am an author, editor and composer, currently living in Surrey, BC.  I work for MuseItUp Publishing, a Canadian ebook publishing house out of Quebec. My short story A Hallowe'en Tale was published in October of last year. You can find links to it on my website My writing blog is and i love promoting my authors and their work. I find the short story the easiest genre to work within. I am currently working on a series of short stories based on the characters from A Hallowe'en Tale. Cheers, Lynne

  • Hello Everyone,

    I'm a journalist beginning my venture into creative writing. I'm using my personal blog - - and a blog project - - to exercise my writing chops. Please stop by and let me know what you think!

    I love short stories and would like to start getting a few of my own out there next year. reTyped is a project I've wanted to do for a long time - short narratives of people to show how stereotypes can be incorrect and harmful. Those short sketches are helping me get into the habit of writing short.

    I'm looking forward to learning from this group and the work everyone is producing.

    You can also find me on Facebook  and on Twitter - @JanelElaine