30 Days of Fiction, Day 4. Prompt: a hostage situation

I stopped this one where I did because the next bit would be a new scene. Feel free to comment and post your own!


Officer Henning stood outside the ramshackle building looking very cross. Three of his best men stood behind him, each watched him for their cue. Inside the building, the Yardsbury Slasher was holed up, holding a knife to the throat a young woman. They could hear her crying and occasionally screaming for help, but that was the only way they knew she was alive.


“Well there Tim, got yourself in a bit of a bind.” The musical tones of the Peter Calvin Thorp made detective Franklin turn.


“What the Devil are you doing here?” Officer Henning frowned, making his massive eyebrows merge into one continues line.


“I heard you had the Slasher in there, but I see you’re all out here instead.” Peter stuffed his gloved hands into his jacket and rocked up onto his toes. “Think you may need a bit of help?”


“Not at all, we’ve got this all well in hand and even if we did, we wouldn’t be excepting help from the likes of a Scott.” Officer Henning turned his back on the irritating youth. “No be off before I have my men put you in shackles.”


“Hardly,” Peter came to stand beside the older man. “What’s he got that’s keeping you back?” Peter asked in a much lower voice. Officer Henning looked sideways at the young g Scotsman.


“He’s got a hostage, a young woman. Holding a knife to her throat.” Officer Henning matched Peter’s near whisper. “If we go closer she starts screaming hysterically that he’ll kill her. We can’t get any closer than this.”


“Did you manage a sniper?” Peter asked. Henning shook his head.


“Our small precinct doesn't rank enough for one of those fancy new rifles.”


“Pity,” Peter said rocking up onto his toes again.


“Can you get in?” Henning asked almost too quiet to hear. Peter just grinned wide.


“Try to stop me,” He said. Henning began hurtling verbal threats at the young Scot, all of them empty, and Peter practically skipped away, using Henning’s ruse to vanish.