Do you think you are getting the most out of Social Media? How can you improve it?
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Hi all! We've had a good go of it here at SheWrites/Twitter Connect this week. We've added over 20 members which I think is pretty good for our first week. I hope this is a useful way to connect with other writers, but like all social media, what makes it useful?

I think that in order to get the most out of social networking, you must be willing to give of yourself. Whether it be through a simple blog follow, Twitter follow, blog comment, or liking someone on Facebook. This is why I say, *Please be kind. Follow those that follow you.

If you want to grow readership of any kind, whether it be book or blog, you must create a social web of people willing to invest in you through either purchasing your book or taking time to sit and read your blog. 

If you have a Best-Seller or a friend recommends your book to someone, people might support you regardless. But, for us writers still aiming to be a published author, gaining a supportive web in social media is tougher. We offer ourselves, our words, our experience and maybe a few laughs or a good book review here and there. 

But...if you're serious about actually getting an agent and getting published, other writers will want to hear about your journey because writing is lonely and a very tough business. They like to know they are not alone. But remember...they don't like to be alone. If they follow you, they most likely appreciate what you have to say. Your like-ability factor with them is enough that they care to click that follow button. But relationships can't work one-sided. It's give and take. advice? Follow others. Get to know people. There are some wonderful writers out there with invaluable advice. The only way to get the most out of social media is to actually use it! Think about it, have you used this Group? Have you followed others or began to try and get to know them? 

So how about it? Is blogging, tweeting, facebooking, shewrites, etc. working for you?


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  • I totally agree Karen and thanks for visiting my blog today. Patience is key as is educating yourself about social media. I've been at this for nearly a year and I just found out TODAY that I have a couple hundred people subscribed to my blog feed. I'd never checked it before. There is always something to learn! I also noticed today on another blog in several comments that people took one look at Twitter or blogging and gave up. It takes a little work, but like you said, anything worth doing takes time. :) Thanks honey
  • I just left a comment on your blog, but wanted to add here something similar to what I wrote there. Social media and blogging takes time to kick in. I think it's a pity when writer friends who could really benefit from it give it a quick go, and either don't 'get' it straight away, or don't see results straight away and promptly give up. It takes time to build a following, time to get subscribers, time to learn how to use each site effectively, but then again everything worth doing takes time.